About Ancient Christianity and Amittai Press

Ancient Christianity Press goal is to fulfill the great commission of our Lord to go to all the World and preach the Gospel. We publish books to teach the Bible, and spread the Gospel through Social media, with Christian posters and other materials.

Amittai Press, publishes books on International Affairs, Human Rights, Religious Persecution, and Advocacy for Native Americans, the Unborn, Social Justice, Economic Development, Political Economics, History, and Public Policy. Amittai Press also publishes book on Health Issues, and Autism.
The founder is Dr. Beatriz Schiava. She is a medical doctor with a master degree in International Affairs from Washington University in Saint Louis with focus on religion and ethnic conflict, Arab-Israeli conflict, and Latin America. She also has a master in theological studies (MTS) from Notre Dame University, with focus on history of Christianity, monasticism, Biblical exegesis, ethics. Beatriz writes on Christian spirituality, spiritual growth, prayer and meditation, Bible exegesis, history of Christianity, ethnic religious conflicts around the world, Christian persecution, religion, political economics and human rights.


  1. Are you on facebook? I found you on twitter and would have liked to repost your posters with message on my fb page, but can’t.


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